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PCI 2-port RS422/485 Serial Adapter Card

  • Product Code: PCI-2S-422
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This PCI 2-port RS422/485 Serial Adapter Card is an universal converter of PCI to RS485/RS422. It has no need for additional power supply and its compatible with PCI, RS422, RS485 standards. It can convert PCI signals to a balanced differential RS422 or RS485 signals. Each line has surge protection, and various surge voltage protections. The tiny capacitance distance guarantees RS422 / RS485 interface of high-speed transmission. RS422/RS485 is connected by RJ45 and DB9 interface. The converter has zero delay automatic transceiver inside and unique I/O circuit automatically control data flow direction, without any handshake signals (such as RTS, DTR,etc.) and jumpers set realize full-duplex, half-duplex mode conversion, plug and play. The adapter card is compatible for all existing communication software and hardware interface.


PCI TO RS422/RS485 convertor supports four communication modes: 

  1. Point-to-point / 4-line full-duplex
  2. Point-to-multi point / 4-line full-duplex
  3. Point-to-point / 2-line half-duplex
  4. Point-to-multi point / 2-line half-duplex

When the convertor is working at full-duplex or half-duplex, it needs to add a matched resistance to avoid reflects and disturbance of signal. ( 120Ω , 1/4W )

Hardware Installation

Please read the Intallation Manual carefully before the installation of the PCI 2-port RS422/485 Serial Adapter Card. This product uses USB / DB-9 general connectors for input/output interface without jumpers. It automatically identify RS422 or RS485 communication mode. It supports twisted-pair cable or shielding wire connection, very convenient to disassemble. Point-to-point, point to more, full-duplex communication that connect four wire T/R +, T/R - and RXD +, RXD -, point-to-point, point to more, half-duplex communication that connect two lines T/R +, T/R -.


  • Main Chipset: MCS9865CV-AA
  • Bus Type: PCI Specification Revision 2.1 compliant
  • Band Rate: 128kbps, automatically detects serial signal rate
  • Interface: DB-9 Male
  • Transmission media: Twisted-pair or shielded wire
  • Transmission rate: 38400bps at 600M ,  9600bps at 1.2KM
  • Transmission range: 1200meter of RS422/485
  • Working mode
    • Asynchronous working, Point-to-point or Point-to-more, Full duplex 4-Line, half duplex 2-Line
    • Support for the free switching RS485. RS422 Mode
  • RS422 signal: T/R+、T/R-、RXD+、RXD、GND
  • RS485 signal: T/R+、T/R、GND
  • Load capacity
    • Support to more each converter allows connecting 32 RS422 interface RS485 or equipment
    • Each serial signal for an additional TVS transient diode, which can prevent the following 400W surge signal crosstalk, improve communication stability.
  • OS Compatibility: Windows 98 / ME / Server 2000 / XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8, Linux, MAC

Package Contents

  • 1 x PCI MCS9865 RS422/RS485 Convertor card
  • 2 x DB9 to 6-pin connectors
  • 1 x Driver CD
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Low Profile Bracket

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