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Computer Add-on Cards

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PCIe Sound Cards

PCIe x1 5.1 Channel Surround Sound card

This PCIe x1 5.1 Channel Surround Sound card is built on CMI8738 + ASM1083 chipsets. It can be installed in home audio electronics or personal computers to provide high fidelity sound for the ultimate listening experience.FeaturesCompliant with PCI E..


PCIe x1 7.1 Channel HiFi Surround Sound card

The PX1-SOUND-8CH PCIe CM8828 HD Audio 7.1 Sound card Supports 8-channel surround sound output, DLS sound library technology, A3D 1.0 and DS3D, and is compatible with DirectSound 3D and EAX sound effects. With this 7.1-channel PCIe sound card, you ca..


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