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Computer Add-on Cards

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40GbE Network Cards

PCIe x8 Single QSFP+ Port 40GbE Network Card with Intel XL710 Chip

The QSFP+ 40 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express server adapters are designed for Servers and high-end appliances. The performance is optimized so that system I/O is not the bottleneck in high-performance networking applications. In addition to managing MAC..


PCIe x8 Dual QSFP+ Port 40GbE Network Card with Intel XL710 Chip

Get fast, high-bandwidth connectivity with this dual-port QSFP+ Network Interface Card. It adds two open QSFP+ slots to your server or workstation. The 40G NIC features an Intel® controller and provides redundant network links with reliable performan..


PCIe x8 Mellanox ConnectX-3 Dual Port 40G QSFP+ Network Adapter

PCIe x8 Mellanox Connectx-3 Dual-Port 40G QSFP adapter with PCI Express 3.0 deliver high-bandwidth and industry-leading Ethernet connectivity for performance-driven server and storage applications in Enterprise Data Centers, High-Performance Computin..


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